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  2. It’s nice .
    But personally I wouldn’t purchase it .
    A regular Rimowa will do.
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  3. I like it! The leather paper airplane is adorable!
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  4. I like it very much! Is the center strap a removable belt?
  5. agreed!
  6. I’m obsessed with my Rimowa Topas and am loving this Fendi version. I’d have trouble choosing b/t these two:IMG_1141.jpgIMG_1142.jpgIMG_1143.jpgIMG_1144.jpg
  7. wow, both are super dope. I would prefer the top one though. i really like the tan strap.
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  8. yeah, a really cool twist!
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  10. I’ve already ordered the yellow one and been told it will arrive July 15. I can’t wait to see it in person. I’ve already got the normal Rimowa in this size and love it.
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  11. nice congratulations!
  12. Have you received it yet??
  13. I picked it up two days ago! I must say it’s even better in person than the pictures. The leather is definitely Selleria. The handles and various leather tabs inside and out are luxurious.

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  14. Now that I know it's Selleria, I want one too. May I please ask what the price of this piece is, if you don't mind?
  15. It’s $2690 in the States. Can’t remember what I paid here in Canada. They are completely sold out here. I was told that all but 2 blue ones were preordered for our whole country. Apparently getting the Zucca print onto the aluminum was very difficult and that they had to recycle a lot to produce the number they did. They said it turned out more limited than expected, and they are unsure if more will be produced. It is part of FW18 men’s runway and not a new permanent part of the collection. So, if you want one I would chase it now. It really is an amazing piece!

    By the way, it also comes with Fendi stickers if you like decorating your luggage. Also, it has a dust bag of sorts to protect the bag where you can still use the bag. The feet and handle remain exposed, and it has the Fendi logo the same as other dust bags. Good to protect the bag if you were ever forced to check it. Personally, I would refuse to board and fly standby on the next flight! Ha!
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