1. Super gorgeous bag!!!
  2. Just got this Jet set floral embellished crossbody in soft pink as an early birthday gift last week from a friend:smile: 20180529_151107.jpg
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  3. Love this!
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  4. Thank you:smile:
  5. Another late birthday gift, the Bristol small floral applique satchel in bright red.20180529_201035.jpg
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  6. output (9).jpg Got this last week in Tulsa OK at Dillards for $99!!!!
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  7. So I recently moved and had to sell some bags, one being my Medium Riley in peanut. I have been regretting that decision for the past 2 months, so I went to my new local outlet and picked up the last large Riley in the building- and it was on clearance! I previously owned the Boutique version of the Pale Blue Riley & the only difference I see between the boutique and outlet version is the interior (no leather trim on the pockets and no key holder). The exterior leather is still soft and beautiful. I’m so happy I have a Riley back in my life!
  8. Congrats on being reunited with Riley! When I moved 4 years ago I sold my MK Joan satchel because I didn't use it as much as some of the other saved bags. But I really missed it and was fortunate to find it on eBay in good condition (and in RED!!)
    P.S. I have a peanut Riley a friend gifted to me so I can imagine how much you missed yours. I would love Riley in red or blue! Enjoy!
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  9. This is my first and only MK. It's very versatile, I can dress it up or down. The zipper pull came off so I replaced it with something else. Very nice calfskin leather. I got it for a steal but does anyone else think the going price for this bag is ridiculous? I know MK collection bags are nice but 795.00???
    (this is the third place I posted this bag on the forum today sorry)
    You know maybe I will have it authenticated just for the hell of it.
    Anyway here it is. The color gets much lighter outside. tmp_24894-2018-06-15_07.54.411854421115.jpg
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  10. It is so nice to be reunited with a beautiful bag! How awesome that you were able to find Joan again!!
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  11. Here is the newest addition to my collection. The Jade Ruffled Leather Clutch in soft pink. And the Bella Sandals to match are on the way too!Screenshot_2018-06-14-01-08-59.jpgScreenshot_2018-06-14-01-06-55.jpg
  12. Those are gorgeous! Love the pink. Please post pics when they arrive!
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  13. I sure will!
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  14. Picked up this beauty from Bergdorf's. I've been wanting a black & white bag but the handles had to be black so I decided to try this MK Collection medium Bancroft. I like it so far & may still get the large satchel as well.
  15. I love this black/white combo!
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