1. I agree!
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  3. Love my new bracelet :blush:
  4. Stunning on you, really complements your skin tone.
  5. Love your new bracelet, too!!! Congratulations! Aiming to be your twin by my anniversary in August.
  6. Thanks:flowers:
  7. Beautiful and congratulations. This bracelet glows brilliantly against your skin. :heart:
  8. Any idea on the agate release
  9. The forum has been pretty quiet concerning that one
  10. :smile:Thanks
  11. Hi Ladies, Has anyone seen or been offered the Turquoise/YG Pave? Would love to see some pics and hear more about it
  12. Hi Natalie, I was told that they are offering the TQ with YG Pave in 20 motifs necklace only, and special orders are not accepted. That's what I was told :P
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  13. Oh I see. Thanks for the info Swisshera, I really appreciate it
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  14. Natalie, maybe you can express interest to your SA who offered you the Lapis/Pavé bracelet. It seems these pieces were offered to special clients only.

    Previous posts in this thread stated that fewer pieces of the Turquoise than the Lapis were produced
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  15. Thank you I will! I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask