1. I was looking to get my first pair of Hangisi flats but I wanted to ask how comfortable they were? I only have the Aneska flats in pink and blue but was interested in the blue Hangisi‘s for my cousin’s wedding. Are the Hangisi’s just as comfortable as Louboutin flats or Valentino flats? Do they stand up well? Does the satin get dirty easily?
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    If anyone is searching for the denim pair of Hangisi by Manolo Blahnik, Nordstrom has it marked down to $579 usd. Here is the link https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/manolo-blahnik-hangisi-ornamented-pump-women/5017133?origin=shoppingbag. It seems to appear via this link quicker on a daily basis. They only have sizes 8 and 9.5 currently available. I was able to get forward to price match for me after having Saks.com do the same. The only reason I am concerned about Saks.com not honoring the price is because they warned that the manager may refuse to do so and they charged me the full retail price. I have to wait 10- 14 business days which is a bit worrisome.

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  3. I have the classic blue satin in 105mm and I wore these on my wedding day. I wore them from 2pm-11pm and I was so pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were. I only had to change into them because I didn’t want to destroy them from the cobble stone at the venue (even though I had an hour left). I have narrow feet so that might have helped but the height was perfect. I was honestly so surprised I didn’t trip and fall or complain about feet pain.
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  4. Does anyone have the Hangisi Mules 70 mm? Need intel on comfort level after an hour or so of wear... of course they were comfy in the shop but most shoes are when you put them on for a few minutes :smile:
  5. Ladies, do you put sole protectors on your Hangisi flats and which brand do you use? I have just purchased my first pair :smile:. Thanks!
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  6. Farfetch has them in lower heights.
  7. I’m a size 35 in alllllmost all Manolos, and I got the last pair in 34.5 and it fits perfectly! Maybe this style ran a little large?
  8. Good Afternoon @Brigitte031 :flowers:, thank you so much for the sizing advice, I wished I had known earlier about the sizing. I am a true size 6 in most designers. I vary across the board in certain designers such as.......... Gucci ace sneakers (5), Chanel espadrilles and flats (6), Valentino and Lanvin boots and heels (6.5). I kept the size 6.5 from Forward because it was becoming such a hassle in returning and trying to figure out my sizing for the hangisi pumps. I had my local cobbler place a vibram sole and I purchased some insoles as well as heel grips for them and now they fit much better but I wished that i had purchased the size 6 to begin with. Thanks a million for your kind reply. Hope you are having a lovely day.:smile:
  9. I myself found out I don't need to size up with Manolo Blahnik Hangisi too. The take half size up is very misleading. My feet are on the wide side too. Same with Gucci Princetowns.
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  10. Good Evening @Alena21 I meant to let you know that a cobbler may be able to place a nude colored Vibram sole on your new pairs of Manolo's. I asked the guy by my home to place Vibram on the soles for me and he placed the black version. I was truly so angry at him because he felt that he that the black looked better. I wanted to slap him and tell him that I paid for nude not your opinion. I left my shoes with him at 9:30 am and went back to pick them up at 1:30. He said that he had not finished them and would do them by 2pm. When I arrived to pick them up at 2:15pm he had managed to ruin a brand new pair of unworn Manolo's in under 20 mins.

    I heard great reviews about a company called "leather spa NYC" women from around the country say that they tend to ship their items to this company for all sorts of shoe repairs. I wished I had done so as well but I need to wear them for my little girl's 5th graduation next week.

    Hope this helped. Take care.
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    Oh thank you, my hubby convinced me that it wasn't as bad as I imagined, you know men and their perspective. LOL I sulked for a few days and am fine with it now.

    I am so sorry @Alena21 for not realizing that it was @ms_sivalley who was inquiring about protecting the soles. Thanks for the reply, I hope you are having a lovely day.
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  13. I have 3 pairs of flats and they are all uncomfortable. When do they start getting comfortable? :cool:

    I am about to get a fourth one though. I'm nuts. :nuts:
  14. Maybe you need to go up a half size.
  15. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I will try next time. Although I feel like length wasn’t an issue. It’s the top pressing on my fingers. I don’t know how to describe properly, but after sometime, it feels like there’s a weight sitting on the buckle pressing down. Maybe if I get a bigger size, the pressure would go away.
    Do they stretch out at all?