1. YeS! That Works Too!
  2. Thank you and thanks to all who offered their time and advice. I’m getting a refund! Woohoo! I’ve never gone wrong following the good guidance that I or others have gotten in this forum.
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  3. That is awesome!!!
  4. I agree! If you know the true value of the item and make a reasonable offer you can score some amazing deals. Posh has so many low ballers that those of us who are willing to pay a reasonable price can get some great deals.I’ve been selling there for years and its gone pretty well. I just use it to clear out my closet.
  5. Has Poshmark ever sided with the buyer for a return due to the item having a bad smell? I made my very first purchase and brought a pre-owned shirt and when I opened up the package I could smell a musty odor. I washed the shirt a few times, but the odor is still there. The seller is insisting the shirt didn't have an odor when she sent it and if there is an odor it must have happened during transit so won't refund me. How does Poshmark normally side in these type of disputes? This has really turned me off and will be my last time buying something used via Poshmark.
  6. I have a couple of comments.

    I don't know about Poshmark (nor would I ever use them but that's another story) but on eBay, you would have lost your buyer protection. Items must be returned in the same condition as sent and having "washed the shirt a few times," the shirt is no longer in the same condition. On eBay, you can't wash, clean, repair, remove tags or otherwise change the item from it's original condition as received.

    That said, the seller's comment of "no odor when she sent it and if there is an odor it must have happened during transit," that would make it her problem. Sellers are responsible for buyers receiving items as described and if she didn't pack it well enough to protect it from odors, that's her problem, IMO. And if as she claims, "it happened during transit," her packaging wasn't adequate.
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  7. I didn't know that, so I guess I may be out of luck. Lesson learned, luckily it wasn't much money. I figured since it was already pre-owned that washing wouldn't matter. I told her I washed it to see if the odor would go away and she asked me to try washing with a fragrance detergent.
  8. IMO, she should take it back, mainly because she essentially admitted to you that it happened before you received it, making her responsible.
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  9. Agreed. Plus How Would an Item (catch) a Musty Odor in Transit anyway? It Has that Odor because it wasn;'t Stored Properly Or It's Been Stored So LONG that, That's what Happens. So Been Burned-You said You Wouldn't Ever Buy from Poshmark, Why?
    I Don't Like The Rule of $6.49 Shipping Cost-If You're Buying a Pair of Earrings? Come On! I don't Like that if You Want to Negotiate~ then You are Forced to do it on their Public Forum. If say the Seller Lowers the Price and the Shipping to say $4.00 and You Respond and make an offer- the Shipping Reverts BACK to the $6.49 cost~ Ugh.. Ridiculous.. I just Don't Get Their Rules..
  10. I agree with so many points. I just started using Poshmark and l don’t see myself using it to buy small items. Just because it’s a new experience, I purchased 7 items all from different sellers. That’s a lot spent on shipping. The items I purchased was really light weight and normal postage probably would’ve been less than a $1. There should be multiple shipping items depending on what’s being purchased. If it’s something really cheap and/or light weight, then postage should be a few dollars at most.

    I also see items with comments ranging from 1 day to 6 months old and no comment is answered. I’m still waiting on a response from 2 sellers. If you no long have the item, then take the listing down.
  11. I think you guys are being a little unrealistic about postage cost. $6.49 for priority mail shipping at any weight up to 5 lbs and any US address is quite reasonable and less than you would pay at the post office yourself. Plus priority mail includes free boxes for the shipper, free tracking and free insurance up to $50. If posh were not using priority mail, you'd likely get super crappy packaging from the sellers that didn't protect the items well (because they don't want to buy boxes) and insurance would cost extra as would tracking. As for buying from numerous sellers, that's the way posh works, it's not a one stop shop like amazon or a dept store where they can ship all your items together, but then, you use posh because you are paying much less than retail!

    ETA, also, if you are buying something on ebay for say "free shipping" the seller is just baking that cost into their item price anyway, so it's not like you're really saving money.
  12. As for "being forced to negotiate on the public forum," you are not. You make an offer through the offer button and the back and forth is done privately.
  13. @Missbing - Based on your comments, I believe you're a buyer-only and I'm not sure you're familiar with shipping requirements and necessary proofs to show delivery for seller protection.

    In order to protect themselves against INR claims (on any site), sellers need to provide shipping using a method that provides tracking. So even if it's a 1-4 ounce package that can be shipped with a stamp or 2 (as you say, under $1), that wouldn't protect the seller should you claim non-receipt.

    So the seller has to spend between $2.66 and about $4.50 for first class mail.
    And even priority mail starts at $7-ish and goes up from there.

    @MyAwesomeFinds - correction to your comment of "likely get super crappy packaging from the sellers that didn't protect the items well (because they don't want to buy boxes) and insurance would cost extra as would tracking," sellers can purchase first class shipping online and in many cases use boxes. I ship a lot by 1st class and mail use bubble mailers when appropriate as well as boxes.
  14. Shipping first class in a box is going to run you about $3+ dollars, not $1 as someone suggested above, and that's presuming you have boxes lying around and don't have to buy them. I know because I sell on ebay a lot too. Good sellers will use good packaging, others will not. Posh shipping is a lot easier because there's no need to weigh or input info into the USPS interface; it is all done for you.
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  15. I apologize for the delay in answering your question but I wanted to make sure I could answer it fully.

    1. Over the years, I've reported hundreds of fakes (maybe even closer to 1000) and I have NEVER, EVER seen Poshmark remove a listing that's been reported as counterfeit.
    2. I've posted on listings and contacted sellers to refer them to the appropriate "authenticate this" subforum to verify or question authenticity.
    3. I can count on one hand the number of sellers who were honest enough to end their listings. Most sellers know exactly what they're peddling and instead of complying with the law (and Poshmark's unenforced policy), they curse me, accuse me and others who comment of sabotage, block me and/or report me.
    4. Rather than doing the right thing and ending fraudulent listings (as does ebay, Tradesy and Bonanza), Poshmark lets the listings run and sell and ban the messenger.
    5. When Poshmark bans a member, they don't let the member know why and in fact, they don't even let the member know she's been banned. Instead, when a banned member tries to ask the seller a question, the member gets a popup blaming the seller for blocking!
    6. When a buyer receives a fake from Poshmark and it's deemed as such either here or professionally, Poshmark's own "authenticity team" of experts disputes said fake and deems it authentic.
    7. And in one case where a buyer of a fake Coach disputed authenticity on an obvious fake, Poshmark agreed to have their "experts" look at the bag in person. The buyer sent it in and Poshmark still didn't see that it was fake.

    THese are just a few of the reasons why I don't do business (buying or selling) on Poshmark and I refuse to promote the site by authenticating listings. And it's too bad because there are some good, honest sellers with authentic items but unless and until PM does something in response to the fraud that permeates the site, I can't even recommend those honest sellers because helping them helps the site.

    @Ddj634 - Aren't you glad you asked? :P
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