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  2. The green patent flats were my first JC that I got when I went to their pop up sale store in Sydney a long time ago. Sadly because my feet are 35-36, there wasn't many that were practical for my lifestyle. I got them for $100 which I think is a pretty good buy since it's a nice pop of colour to my outfits~

    My 2nd pair is the Helena in navy glitter that I got at DJs when they had a further 40% off sale. Love them both! Still in pretty good condition!

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  3. Hi! This is my first post, I've been a handbag girl for years and only recently started becoming obsessed with shoes. I'm a small UK 4, EU 37, somewhere between 3.5 and 4. I'm a 4 in my Miu Miu heeled wedges but I don't know what size I should get in JC. I'm specifically looking at flat trainers and would be grateful for any advice :smile:

    Thank you in advance!
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  4. Do you find flats give much once you wear them, im looking for shoes that don't give
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  5. I don't have any JC trainers (yet :giggle: ) but I find JC fit true to size, I am a 34.5 in Choo pumps and sandals. For trainers I usually go up half a size for comfort, as I wear socks with them. So you might want to err on the side of comfort. Sorry I can't be any more specific :flowers:
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  6. They haven't been fully worn in yet. Still look fairly new but I havent worn them on a daily basis for a long period of time. At this stage, all I can say is that they are taking longer to wear in and have them give compared to other brands I've tried.
  7. Hi everyone! Does anyone know the style name of these or any info? They are being sold second hand and was wary as seller does not have original packaging or receipt as they were purchased approx 5 years ago apparently. Any help would be so appreciated! Thanks!
  8. How's the sizing of Romy comparing with other brands, e.g. Roger Vivier and Salvatore Ferragamo? TIA
  9. Thank you! I bought them in a 3.5 (I do like comfort but hate socks in trainers except for workouts) - but have since bought some heels and I'm a 4 in those. The trainers are lovely but a bit hard inside so will take some wearing in :smile:
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  10. Jimmy Choo Romy Glitter heels in Rainbow

    Cant believe i got this amazing pair on sale. My first luxury heels and theyre perfect. Thanks for letting me share.

    20171122_135344.jpg 20171122_135825.jpg
  11. Hi! Reformed lurker here :wave: I've had a pair of patent nude Nova (my first Choos) pwep-toe slingbacks for a couple years now...definitely my go to workhorse shoes thay literally go with anything And I can wear all day and night. Now I'm branching out into more impractical colors and brought home the Lancer in cerise (hot pink patent) from Nordstrom the other week. Finally wore them to a Nordstrom event last night and they killed! Hopefully they're nice and broken in now :facepalm: Ah, I just love the pop of color these give to any outfit.

    Incidentally, I wore them to a PTO meeting I had yesterday as well and did nothing but earn me a few side-eye glares. Hmm20171202_174133.jpg
  12. Did you buy them TTS or have to size up?
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  13. Half size up but i have really wide feet. HTH!
  14. wow they are GORGEOUS!!!
  15. Hi guys do any one know if any of the JC brand shoes come up wider than how the Aible or Anoucks fit ?
    Any new pointy toe court / pump style ? My last attempt to buy Choos failed due to my feet being to wide due to having quite large bunions