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    My brand new YSL LouLou Medium bag. It is black with silver hardware. Love it so much!

    Although it looks and feels soft, It is Calfskin so it’s much more durable than lambskin. The leather is very thick and luxurious. For a big bag, it’s very lightweight.

    The SA said scratches will blend in and you can use a tiny bit of leather cream to smooth/blend them in if you do get scratches. She also said it will become less puffy with regular use but it will maintain its soft structure shape. It won’t become slouchy or droopy.
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    Photos I took at the boutique of the toy, small, small shopping tote and medium Lou Lou bags.
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  3. Alex Gerard wearing a limited edition brooch toy Lou Lou. Penny Lancaster wearing YSL Lou Lou Toy sized bag in suede. Other two picks are of the Medium size LouLou.
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  4. Lou Lou bag with gold hardware and black hardware. Black hardware is so mysterious, stunning and edgy.
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  5. My new Medium Lou Lou bag sitting with me at work.
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  7. Beautiful shots of the LouLou bag.
  8. If I didn’t already have the Niki I think I’d love to have this bag with that black hardware! :biggrin: The silver is beautiful too!!
  9. Hi! Are you still Happy with the small size? I’m considering buying this bag in grey but not sure on small or medium. I will mainly use it xbody and don’t need to bring everything with me but kind of what you had packed. Do you wear it xbody much? Thank you
  10. Its gorgeous! After trying it on I finally understand why people love black hardware on black bags. It’s so chic and sophisticated.
  11. LouLou bag and outfit inspiration.
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  12. There seems to be a new version of the Lou Lou bag. It has a top handle like the college bags.
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  13. yes, I saw this on Saks.com....hope they come out with more colors!
  14. Nicolette Sheridan carrying the LouLou bag in black with gold hardware.
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  15. The OP or Mod should really change the name of this thread as its grown so far beyond just large LouLou's. It should just be Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers or something to that effect to make for easier searching and more relevance. Or even a "clubhouse" created like other brand pages do so that its pinned and super easy to find.
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