1. Yes, I agree, Latisse worked very well to lengthen my lashes. Sure wish I could continue using it. Darnit.
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  2. Really? I'm sorry. I thought for sure that was a travel size at sephora. It looked small. I would have sworn on it.
  3. Simple human u can get from bed, bath & beyond with 20% off
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  4. hi everyone! i love the NAS board :smile:
    sooooo.... what else can we dish about until there is actually real stuff to dish about when the books/catalogues come out?!
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  5. I would have thought the same thing with the size and location....I appreciate your help...
  6. NAS has the Donna Karan deodorant in blocks of 3. The price is good but you have to buy 3. They have had this many years now along with other of her bath products I haven’t been interested in.
  7. If they don't have one in the sale or I don't prefer it, that's likely what I will do.
  8. I study that darn lookbook like there's going to be a test on it!
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  9. Me tooooo!!! I circle and highlight and do calculations on the side to get my budget right. Sickening but I love it!!
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  10. Cross posting here in addition to the Longchamp thread: I missed getting a Longchamp origami bag last year during NAS— what are the typical sizes on NAS and how is the pricing? Thanks!
  11. Me three!!!
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  12. What about jewelry? Did anybody hear anything?
  13. I keep researching online for any pictures to satisfy my curiosity but noooothing ..... that is so freaking annoying :annoyed:
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  14. I have to say thank you to everyone who posts on this site! This is my favorite time of year, and I read every post!! You all have really peaked my interests about many items I would have otherwise overlooked. Again thank each and every one of you!
    Does anyone know anything about Bed Stu boots? I have recently started seeing them. I even ordered a pair. However following the advice of reviewers, I ordered a half size up from what I normally do. They were huge!!! This seems to be a brand that is not carried at the Nordstrom close to me. It made me hesitant to reorder. I wanted to see if any of you have some and/or thoughts if they will be in the sale this year.
  15. And let's not forget the EXCEL spreadsheet to track purchases!
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