1. As usual, thanks for all the pics, Cosmo!

    I like most of the bags and am intrigued by the butterfly bomber jacket. But the bird masks are just weird to me. Maybe I’m just not cool enough to get it, but I find them a bit creepy.
  2. I actually like the masks. I think the campaign is really striking. Or at least I like the masks better than the flowery/butterfly bags that are featured in it, lol. Maybe the models had to wear masks to hide the fact that Kendull (sic) was too busy to shoot the campaign.
  3. Here's an instagram pic of the new chocolate brown Neos

    IMG_9130.jpg Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 9.46.48 AM.png
  4. Amazones on instagram

    IMG_9128.jpg IMG_9129.jpg
  5. New pink and arctic blue.
    New shop it color
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  7. Yeah, sorry. That was blush. Bad indoor lighting.
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  8. Comparison of blush on left to girl

  9. Foulonne Bags

    Here is one of the new styles from IG
    It will come in:
    1. Black
    2. Navy
    3. Cognac
    4. Chestnut (I think this is the color in the pic)
    5. Capucine/ Red Orange
    6. Greige
    7. Nordic blue

    Thi is just for Bags.

    For SLGs,
    Powder, Pilot, Pink, Vermillion, etc,34117131_251936768697503_6002415562951491584_n.jpg will still be carried over.
  10. Interesting thanks for posting. Saw this style on IG too but didn’t know for sure it it was fall 18.

    I was really hoping for khaki in the Foulonne line (or the Roseau line) this fall. Curious to see how the greige Foulonne looks. I love my greige Roseau from fall 16.
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  12. I like this!
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  13. Amazones on instagram

    6B1BE77E-A510-4AC9-BB67-A3B044B05D69.jpeg E8CF547D-CA23-4777-AEC0-429FC2943221.jpeg FAC062F8-12B2-4EA9-81B5-B7A89345EFB5.jpeg E2EF7125-287E-437F-B47F-10D9B98DB1B1.jpeg E1E3C6A4-9588-4499-91A0-F917A5685357.jpeg 318BA1CF-F544-48AB-B05C-8ED8B2FFD763.jpeg 8E4A0223-B244-4337-A674-17A77CBC39AF.jpeg
  14. I have a Greige Foulonne bag from when the cw was last offered 4 yrs ago, it's a lot lighter than Greige Roseau.

    I didnt check the Roseau lineup for Fall, sorry. Only the R-Heritage and there are no new colors in that line.