1. Love the cardie on you! It looked awful on me for some reason. It was totally the wrong size which certainly didn't help. I agree with Vanana that I would shorten just a little for starters. I think it would have a very chic vibe. See how that works for you and if you don't like it, you can always so shorter later. Definitely taper in the jacket for a more fitted look. Congrats on great finds!
  2. Nice! I'd keep the skirt length. I think it's perfect on you.
  3. This look has been done endlessly through the years, but it is so iconic that I never tire of it.
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  4. So true!
  5. Thank you my friend! . You know I credit you for the cardi - the great enabler!!

    I will if I can!

    Thanks so much!! I agree it should stay on the long side. It’s also quite snug at the hips but at least it zips.
    I have found that finding the matching skirt for jackets much easier and cheaper to hunt down - most of the time they are overlooked. I got the matching skirt for the black 11C LBJ for only $100 from e bay just by searching for “Chanel black skirt” in my size. For this one, I searched chanel 2015 on TRR. I zoomed in to look at the material which looked like it was the same. When it came I verified from the style code that it was the same material. The button was different so I was really taking a chance. So some of it is just luck! If I see one I will let you know!

    I also heard it’s in limited boutiques so I’m glad I’m near one!

    Thank you! I think the cardi peplum doesn’t work for everyone - luckily I have a little extra cushion to fill it out.

    Thank you!
  6. Girl, stop !
    You’re welcome !!! My store has sold three. The cardi is so cool
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  7. Hi ladies with chanel skirts... request your expertise please... are all chanel skirts like chanel jackets and can easily alter (with hidden fabric panels) to 2 sizes larger?
  8. Yes.
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  9. Awesome!!! Thank you for your help and answer!
  10. Love the grey cardigan!
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  11. Wow! Everything is lovely and you are so lucky to get the skirt in this price! Enjoy!
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  12. Congrats! Looks great! I love the cardigan too and really want to try it soon.

    Is that the jacket from 15K? If it is, I have the V-neck version and it is quite a different kind of fabric but somehow it’s quite nice and feels light for a winter jacket?
  13. 5BE25D8B-4FC3-4126-8264-D90894C2A4E9.jpeg 91CC0CD5-005A-475B-9222-6B33BF482E34.jpeg 5A2A5FC6-A31F-45B5-A0F5-95392782C1B8.jpeg C37DB8A3-C841-4436-925F-BF926022528D.jpeg C597F44C-E775-4D87-978E-04B38E7CE3BC.jpeg
    Went to the launch of Métiers today. Will share some pics.
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  14. I felt this at the preview and it was almost like a terry cloth....very cool and casual.
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