1. Haha, I am a jewelry addict, have been collecting jewels with floral designs for couple of years. But recently I am really into a yellow ring which I bought from China last month and wear it almost every day. I think it looks pretty cute, although all the friends say it looks like an egg tart!!! It's pretty big!! But cheap, only $12. I really want to show the pictures here, but seems like I don't have any of them.:doh:

    Dress: Black Slip Dress;
    Jewels: an Egg Tart-like ring; small daisy earrings from Etsy.
  2. Im wearing now the tiny ruby ring i received from aliexpress. The stone looks genuine with all the inclusions but it looks like a childs ring lol. I still love it though because its a gift from hubby
  3. Today i'm wearing a lovely Unika ring from Von Finger https://vonfinger.dk/. Its Danish design and I absolutely love it! :heart:
  4. Wearing my updated E-ring and my ruby and diamond ring. It’s from the 80’s and because of the color of the gold, it took a bit to find a jeweler that would mix to make this color to size it up for me. Glad I can finally wear it now IMG_6762.jpgIMG_6759.jpg
  5. Both are beautiful, I love Rubies :love: :giggle:
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  6. Thank you so much! I adore them too. I remember your beautiful engagement ring
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  7. White South Sea tin cup necklace & drop earrings in 18K yellow gold, wedding rings, White South Sea ring.