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  3. My new Eloise 100 in navy, have been looking for a new pair of work shoes, and these are perfect.
  4. Gorgeous! Love the classic look of these, perfect work shoes.
  5. Been thinking about this shoe in exact color. How is the fit/sizing? They are so beautiful on you. Congrats!!!
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  6. Yes Christina I like them very much and would love to see more pics of you wearing lubs ! :graucho::blush::coolio: !
  7. Amazing!!! But those called pigalle 120!
  8. Thank you for saying you do like them too. I will try to make more photos if I can.
  9. So happy you think they are amazing. Thank you.
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  10. Thank you! I normally wear an 8.5 US, but size up to 39/9, they fit nicely, I saw that Saks also has them in a beautiful red, so tempted.
  11. Hello girls! Does anyone know if the so kate booty kraft sell in some store in 120’s? IMG_1529117810.472362.jpg
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  12. Yes, thank you!! I was trying them on today with different jeans and skirts, etc. I'm going to spray them tomorrow so they will be ready to go! I'm VERY excited about these lol.
  13. I bought these babes yesterday perfect for the European Mediterranean summer !

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