1. Thanks!
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  2. Damn, you did have a rough go. I was lucky, well sorta my last my son has had problems but those stem from other reasons. Honestly, after my oldest grew up is when life smacked us more, not her fault just circumstances, the shining star out of it has been DGS but it still remains complicated and makes us have to be far more involved.
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  3. Safe travels WE! look forward to your return.
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  4. Up at the crack of dawn it is.
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  5. LOL.. well that's annoying!!
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  6. Insanity. What company in their right mind turns away a paying customer?? :doh:
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  7. Can you create another account?
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  8. Probably but I’m not gonna bother

    Maybe I’ll get invited back? Maybe not lol It might be a good thing haha
  9. :lol: It's the best of both worlds! I do think it's funny that I've been looking forward to grandkids since I my oldest was little.
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  10. That must have been so stressful! It's going to get interesting when they start driving. :eek:And dating! My 13-year-old has a girl that has a crush on him, but he just blushes about it. She's older, and an amazing person, but he's so young.
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  11. I'm locked out but was able to eventually get in with a new email. I haven't shopped with it yet.

    That's interesting you shopped every sale for months, and I got banned after less than 2 full months of shopping FOS! Perhaps the volume had something to do with it. :angel: I did return 2 items in my first order, but that's it.
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  12. :giggle:
  13. :biggrin:
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  14. Have lots of fun!
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  15. Thank you for this! Mine love sports too! The older ones play and teach the little one. We're all really close, but I know it will be very different soon, as they grow up and away, just as it should be.
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