1. Unfortunately LV is not using solid brass anymore and this is why the rings look like this. I believe over time they will actually turn silver :sad:
    I do have the same bag in DE and rotate my bags weekly but still the rings have already scratches which are not looking very attractive. Take it to LV but i'm quiet sure they will say it is a normal wear and tear as rings are nor brass.
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  2. I frequently rotate my bags, depending on weather (mono vachetta, leather, EPI or DE), the occasion and my outfit. All I can add is that after inspecting the brass on my most recent purchases (Ponthieu and Graceful last fall), the rings are still perfect - no scratches or dullness even with attached bag charms. so fortunate ! ?
  3. Personally I'd never notice this and if I did it wouldn't bother me. At least it wouldn't stop my enjoyment of the bag.
  4. I've had my Graceful for a few months now. Granted, I rotate out my bags, but I've carried it fairly often and with bag charms attached. My rings still look pretty new. I have the DE, not sure if that makes any difference.

    If it were me, I'd probably just live with the wear and it would not bother me. I don't think it looks bad at all, I think it's just wear that's going to show over time. That said, it's YOUR bag, and how you feel about it is what's important. If it is still bothering you after polishing, I'd take it into the store & see what they may offer.
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  5. Just thinking this brass change, if true, would only affect my recent LV purchases....
  6. Thanks everyone! I think I will keep carrying it until we are near a city with and LV store at the end of July and pop in there to see what they say. I know there will be wear and tear on this, it is a handbag after all and these are metal rings inside metal rivets, so it’s inevitable. My concern is how quickly it happened and if they will hold up over the years.

    I was also curious if anyone else’s Gracefuls looked like this as I’m usually not a super nit picky person. Maybe if it knew it was common I’d be a little more ok with it :smile:
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  7. It's already been many, many years that the hardware on canvas bags has been only brass plated, not actual brass.
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  8. Oh, Thank you. Guess no clue since the hardware on all my LVs remains in prestige condition.
  9. Brasso Amazon has it. Put it on the cloth and use a small amount so it doesn’t go anywhere else on the bag.
  10. Usually I'm more on the side of use your bags they are gonna show wear no matter the brand or cost and just deal with it however, I took the time to go look at my delightfuls ect...with rings like this and they don't look like that at all and I've used them tons. That seems weird.
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  11. I’ve had my graceful since Oct and my rings don’t look the same. Although, I do change by bags out often so maybe that’s why. Here’s a pic for youIMG_9529.jpg
  12. :hrmm::hrmm:
    Yours looks amazing!!! Well what the heck is up with mine :confused1:
  13. I came back in here to see what's new, and this prompted me to look into my bag closet to see what's up with my gold hardware. I have several Coach bags that are at least 10 years old now, same with two Brahmins, 3 Dooney's that have been bought 2 years ago, and three vintage LV's, none of which show your kind of wear. I don't mean to add fuel to the fire, but I know that this sort of thing is just a super annoyance for me personally. I am such a candy ass when it comes to wear and tear on any of my bags. Bugs the heck out of me so I unload them so I don't have to look at them taking up valuable space in my closet.when I am 100 percent sure I won't carry a bag with blown out hardware. You deserve better. Take it back when you can and demand that you get the quality you expected.
  14. Whether or not you are super nit picky shouldn't matter - you paid a very large amount of money for this bag and for what you paid it is fair to expect more - especially after such a short amount of time. I would quit carrying it and take it back ASAP if it were me. I agree it's highly likely that this is a metal-on-metal issue, which may be a design flaw, but it still shouldn't look like this IMO.
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  15. Everyone is different, and some things that bother me like misaligned canvas don’t seem to annoy others, but this would not bother me at all. I see it as normal wear and tear. I haven’t looked at delightfuls for a long time, but when I had one, the rings were only in contact with leather, not another metal grommet type thing. So unless the design changed (I had the newer delightful with the hanging charm), I don’t know if it is fair to compare the ring wear on the delightful to the graceful.