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    Hi! I’m new here so I apologize in advance if I make a mistake posting this thread.

    I purchased my first Gucci bag yesterday! A small Marmont camera bag. But after coming home and unwrapping it I noticed a few things that were different after watching Gucci unboxing videos. First my box was not wrapped in a bow and didn’t have the Gucci sticker holding the tissue paper together - not the biggest deal but I thought that was a little lame. What really surprised me was that my bag was not protected in any wrapping. It was in the dust bag but I expected the handle to be wrapped in some kind of protective cover as well as the bag. Is this normal or did I receive a used bag? I also found what looked like to be a little dirt inside my bag. I was able to dump it out but still not something I wanted to find. My SA didn’t seem very friendly and something tells me she decided to give me a returned bag rather than a brand new one. Am I being too picky or should I ask the store for a brand new bag?
  2. Hmmm I'd say that if it really bothers you, you could always return it and go to another store and purchase the same bag. Whether it's from that same Gucci store or at Nordstrom, NM, etc. But in my honest opinion it seems like you're being a bit picky. As long as there's nothing wrong with the bag itself I wouldn't worry too much about external packaging.
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  3. Thank you for your opinion! This was my first time purchasing a Gucci/full price luxury bag so I’m just not sure what to expect when it comes to packaging. For the price I’m paying I expect it to be a brand new bag that’s protected in its original packaging and hasn’t been handled already especially considering I purchased it from a Gucci boutique. Had it been from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus I probably wouldn’t be so surprised.
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    It all depends on if it is a display bag or not. I just purchased an ophidia mini bag today and it just so happened that it was new. My SA set it aside for me because she knew I'm picky and wanted a bag that is new new. They have two on display that was literally just taken out from their shipment boxes and already had all the protective stuff removed. It depends on how rare the item is. If you are getting a popular item, most of the time even if it is not on display, it’s not going to have all those protective wrapping. It’s actually a quite common practice for luxury store. For LV it is even more apparent. Unless you are receiving your item from waitlist and fresh from shipment. It’s probably “handled” by a bunch of people at some point. Especially for items that are getting charge send from other stores.
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  5. Yes and find a good sales person. You should feel comfortable with whoever is helping you. It makes a huge difference.
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  6. It's true that your bag may have been looked at by other people. Once I found a lady's keys in a bag I looked at...she had tried out her things in the bag to see the fit, and left her keys! That doesn't bother me as long as the bag is perfect, with no flaws. What I do think though.....totally agree with @snibor that you should like and feel comfortable with your SA. For example, my Gucci SA knows that I like all the little niceties of packaging, so even if my item isn't spanking new, he will still wrap the chains, fan all the Gucci tissue to protect the bag, sticker the tissue, and tie an extra big pretty bow. I've never asked him to do any of this, but he told me much later that he took cues from meeting me and realizing I am a person who loves detail. You should get to work with an SA who will take care of you with great personalized service; unfortunately, not all SAs are equal. Keep working with SAs until you find the one. Congrats on your bag!
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  7. I agree with the others, if the bag is perfect who cares. I do find it interesting that a bag purchased in the Gucci boutique was not packaged beautifully; every time that I have purchased in the Gucci boutique it has been wrapped beautifully. In future when you make the purchase make a point of telling them that you want it wrapped etc...Enjoy your bag I really like the Marmont line and the camera bag is so good!
  8. Thank you! I’ve also just realized there was no leather swatch or controllato card in my bag and upon further inspection the bag doesn’t seem like it’s in perfect condition unfortunately. I looked really closely at the brass GG and there’s a couple marks/dings on it. Maybe this is normal but that along with the other issues I mentioned I’m just not completely satisfied so I’m heading back to the store tomorrow to hopefully work with a new SA and get a brand new replacement.
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  9. I’ve only bought online my Dionysus bags and the handles were wrapped there was foam around the bag, tissue in the bag and it was packed securely....I’ve always been impressed how online has always packed their bags/items so securely...