1. hi all!
    i’m thinking of getting my first Celine bag but not sure which to get cause I am so in love with both!
    for reference i’m about 5’6 (169cm).
    i’ve always love bags that comes with shoulder straps so that’s why i’m kinda holding back on the micro luggage... i also really like how spacious the belt bag is.

    i will use it mainly for casual/weekend wear! i would like to know what are your thoughts on the both bags?
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  2. My vote -- Micro Luggage. I just purchased the Micro Luggage in midnight after returning the belt bag. I didn't like the closure on the belt bag. Both are beautiful -- love the color of both your choices. Good luck!
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  3. I vote for Micro Luggage
  4. I would vote micro belt! Actually I have both bags and the micro luggage is beautiful but I find I use the micro belt way more because of the strap option.
  5. My vote goes to the micro luggage because I am a little too impatient to spend much time getting in and out of my bag. I don’t use my belt bag as much as my luggage for this reason. I’ve also discovered I prefer the slim depth of the luggage because I don’t carry much by way of essentials.
  6. Hi -- I am curious what was your final choice.
  7. The first one is gorgeous. That colour!!! Love it.
  8. I love the color on that micro luggage! I vote belt bag(have one myself) and grey is super versatile. Personally I just see a face when I look at the luggage so I don’t like that style at all
  9. both of them look totally gorgeous!!! :heart::heart::heart: but I'd go with micro luggage tho
  10. Mini Belt is probably more on par with Micro Luggage in terms of capacity, right? My vote would be for the Luggage here just because of the fact that a Micro Belt would carry less -- Roomier bags always seem more practical!
  11. I have both and would say they have similar capacity. (Micro is a deceptive name for the Belt Bag as it holds quite a bit!)