1. Hi, I've been thinking about getting a boy bag for a while and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a small (vs. old medium).

    I've tried a few on in stores and I'm not sure if it's only in pictures, but I've noticed that the three horizontal rows on the bottom 'trim' don't always seem straight? In the picture below, it looks like they curve up into the logo. Could this be because the logo is sewn on too tight? I don't remember noticing this issue in person; and the issue is, I haven't been able to find a black caviar in person, so I'll likely need to buy with pictures..

    Calling all boy bag owners - is this how your bag looks in person?
  2. Hmm... mine doesn’t look like that.

    971B170B-0853-4D35-B558-C3AAB02F944B.jpeg B534D303-AD92-4502-A01D-6ED0ADEF9B4F.jpeg
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  3. Thanks @lee_dya ... the SA suggested it may be the angle in which the picture was taken, but I've looked through quite a few pictures and not all look like that
  4. I have 4 Boy bags, and none of them look like that.....I’ve never received any Boy pics from SAs that look like that, either. It looks a little weird, IMO....like the clasp is attached too tightly.
  5. That’s looks weird to me too! My boy does not look that bowed, also don’t mind my picture! It’s the only one I had on me at the moment! IMG_0751.jpg
  6. Nope mine is not dented like that
  7. Thank you @happy27 , @Steph5487 , @stylistbydesign ! Since it's clearly going to bother me, I won't be getting this bag. I'm hoping the small caviar boy is not seasonal and more come in stock...
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  8. heres mine. i’ve also noticed that on some small boys but i think it depends on the season & leather. small boys will always come by so dont worry! :smile:
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  9. I agree with @pinkypink00...don't worry, the small boys aren't going anywhere in that color combo. You'll find one you love, and then the wait will be worth it! Happy hunting. :heart:
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