1. 20180113_124251.jpg
    Here is the pic of chestnut saddle bag 23.
  2. 20180113_124332.jpg
    One more :smile:
  3. Wow! Such a gorgeous, rich shade of brown!
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  4. Love this color. I wish Coach would make a Rogue this color with the darker hardware.
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  5. Anyone have the saddle in this peony color??? Do you know what color is on the inside? I was on the custom site thinking of adding some tea roses to it. I know it isn't as bright a pink as they originally came out with and think this one is a little more subtle. It could be fun to take out come Spring! I guess I'm dying to try the custom service with a small item so it will either be this saddle bag or a clutch. I wish the website allowed you to zoom in the flowers. It is really hard to see what they actually look like AND when on the bag. Considering there is no return allowed, you'd think they would have a zoom feature! Another frustrating system issue shopping with Coach! Below are some ideas I created. I'm leaning toward the first or last one.
    Saddle - Peony.png Peony saddle - Opt 12.png Peony saddle - Opt 8.png Peony saddle - Opt 9.png Peony saddle - Opt 10.png
    Saddle - Peony.pngPeony saddle - Opt 12.png
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  6. I believe the inside is pink too
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  7. I have this one and yes, the color is the same as the outside.
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  8. Interesting! They don't do this often from what I've seen. I like it. And love the tea rose options @Bagmedic. This would be a fun summer bag.
  9. Do you find it plays well with other colors in your wardrobe?
  10. I used it quite a bit over the summer as I wore lighter colors like sage, white, and tans. It’s not quite a light pink nor a dark pink so it did work out for me.
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  11. I'm just skittish on ordering it with the tea rose customization since I can't really see the tea rose details well online. I have some tea rose items and can see what some may look like but others I can't quite see the details. With no zoom online, it isn't helping! I guess I can find a retail bag on their site and zoom in on that and guess if it will look good with that pink. They don't make it that easy, to they!
  12. A1C5F978-4796-44E6-AE93-44B17A0BB14D.jpeg My 2017 Saddle purchases - Burnished Saddle Saddle 23 & Burnished Grey 23. Love them both. This most likely completes my Saddle collection. Looking to diversify.
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