1. Hello everyone,

    Do we have any crocodile lady dior owners here? I would love to hear your feedback on wear and tear please.

    Rami xx
  2. Hmm seems like not much information or review available about exotic lady dior online.
  3. There doesn't seem to be many people on the forum that have dior croc. On instagram Swedish and stylish has a bunch of dior croc bags, maybe ask her? I have a Python and all I can say is that I find dior bags to be made incredibly, there service impeccable. Way above chanel.... and most other brands. Croc is delicate like most exotics (stay away from water or moisture).
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  4. @rk4265 Thank you! Funny you said Swedish and Stylish, I reached out to her last night and she is the sweetest person ever, so helpful and knowledgeable. She is a big fan and own 5 or 6 croc LDs and absolutely love them.

    I am researching and gathering reviews, will definitely share, incase there are more people like me, looking for one.
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  5. I love them too. One day :smile:
    What are you interested in? Can you also link what she said about it? I would love to know her knowledge about dior croc
  6. @rk4265 I am in a very early phase of research. But I will definitely share every bit.
    Apparently, If I have a very specific color in my mind - Canada will place a special order (deposit required) which would take 9-12 months. I am flip flopping between mini and small size, so I am Instagram-ming lol and also checking out the mod shots on our fabulous forum here and getting the feel of it.
    What color and size do you have in mind? I am thinking indigo blue, beige like upcloseandsytlish has or a grey.
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  7. I would do a mini. For me it's a special occasion bag not a work horse, so I don't need it to be big. I love bold colors. Blue, emerald green, red, purple. I want a small pop. They also have a few ombré out there which are omg
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  8. A few pics my Saks sa has sent me a few months ago
  9. oh the blues are absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!
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  10. @rk4265 I am a non believer of "special occasion" items. So maybe I need to look at small size.
    The first one is from upcloseandstylish IG and the rest from our wonderful swedishandstylish.
  11. This is fun! Bergdorff sent me this color. Wow.
  12. HA! You and I are having too much with this huh!!!
    I wonder if they would let me do same hardware as the bag, like black on black :nuts:@rk4265
  13. I know. I'll post more from my stores. I'm pretty sure you can order from department stores in USA too. If you want to carry more then keys and a phone definitely go for the larger size.
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  14. One more from Saks
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  15. Taken from Paris bazaar on insta
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