1. Thanks! I’d think so too! Only, she is always there when I need her and that needs to be rewarded by new purchases... missing 4,200€ of sales will not make her happy.... oooooohhh, difficult
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  2. Oddly enough they did it for one day and next day it was back to no prices.
  3. Maybe beta testing? After the price increase maybe they’ll just want the Americans to stay uninformed about the prices!
  4. Haha i know what you mean. I shop from both Harrods and Heathrow (whenever i fly outside of the eu to make the most out of duty free). My SA in Harrods knows and shes still really nice whenever i stop by (even if i dont buy anything). Logically speaking, that €€€ saving is definitely worth it. If the SA has a problem with it, well SAs are not rare, you can always work with another one :rolleyes:
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  5. I thought the same thing. It’s not like they have other outlets to sell Dior in the US. So if they list prices in Europe why not list in the US
  6. Does anyone else's page have everything written in another language?? Other than the top part of my page, the entire bottom part is written in another language. Hopefully I didn't hit a button or something. It's never happened before.
  7. No I don't see that. What language was it appearing in?
  8. I wonder if they ever plan on actually selling leather goods online in the US...would be interesting. I heard rumors once but nothing really happened.
  9. It’s possible (I can see that in the future) - especially now that Céline is doing the same (at least in Europe). The Dior Summer collection is available for purchase on Bergdorf Goodman’s website.
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  10. I'm hoping they don't read tPF and take this away, but if you're in the US and want prices, the source of a product page lists the price after the productPrice object. The suggestions will also show this for the suggestions, so look for the first one in the code. If you see productPrice listed three times in close order, those are the suggestions.
  11. Last year I dyed a small Louis Vuitton Vernis wallet to a dark blue (from a stained and sun faded light blue). It turners out ok, I gave it to a friend as I am not a Louis fan. However, I just purchased a Dior WOC for a crazy amazing price. It is in great condition inside but, some marks on the exterior patent, the color is bright pink. I am not a pink fan. I am planning on dyeing the exterior pink to either burgundy or black. Any suggestions would be welcome. Maybe we should start a refurbished or modified Dior thread??