1. hermes-scarf-with-cat.pnghermes-with-champagne.png
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  2. The second is Arbre de Vie (sp?),
    Could you please tell us the name of the first one as the pattern is stunning. Is it Annie Faivre?
    Thanks for posting these.
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  3. Yes, the 2nd one is Arbre de vie. That was my very first carre, it goes with virtually everything in my wardrobe and I love it.
    The blue one is Au fil du carre. I loved it but didn't buy it straight away. A year later I was still thinking of it, so I went back to Hermes. Luckily they still had it, so I bought it!
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  4. Thanks for the fast answer.
    You look stunning in both, also love the cat and tea set
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  5. I just turned 30 this year and started buying scarves after my husband brought me back a beautiful silk one from his trip to China. It took me a while to realize that I wasn't liking the way I looked in them only because I am also a huge pearl fan and I kept trying to wear them with pearl earrings or even a strand of pearls. I love classic styles but I have been learning that I can only have ONE at a time- pearls, silk scarf, tank watch, loafers- or I start to look like a toddler playing dress-up in grandmother's closet. I tend to pair any one of these things with a "younger" item like a loose cotton t-shirt or sneakers and that way I look my age but like someone who appreciates nice, classic styles.

    I also found a little book called "How To Tie a Scarf: 33 Styles" that give good instructions for different ways to wear a scarf. You can get it on Amazon and it's adorable because the book is covered with a scarf-like material!
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    In general no. I think it depends on how you wear it. It’s a great accessory in my opinion.