1. Is it me or do i think people that over accessorize looks funny. Im not being rude its just that when i see someone with over 10 bangles on the wrist a couple of chucky necklaces big earrings weird looking rings dangling from the body it makes me feel uncomfortable for them. I think those that kept it low key looks great but if its overload then people are staring for other reason. Let me know what you think
  2. I'm a less is more type with accesories, but I think it depends on personal style.
    Some are able to integrate a lot of accessories successfully. And then I do see some people that look as if they just want to wear everything they have - all at once!
    I think it's especially diffucult for those that love jewelry - not all pieces go together....but if you love your jewelry you want to wear it!
  3. i can appreciate others doing so but personally i am not a big fan of lots of accessories on me. i don't even wear watch....i do stacking in the summer but sometimes it's just annoying...
  4. I only know that less is more on me. What others wear depends on their size and their style, it doesn't always follow that one rule suits all.
  5. for me less is more .
    and better quality is even better .
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    Perhaps all that weight is handy to anchor me down during typhoon season ;)

    I think some accessorize well while others look like they're just piling it on. Some pull it off, some don't.
  7. I prefer minimal jewelry too, but many can pull off a look with much more. It often goes with a fun personality! I love that we're all different.