1. Picked up my beautiful Top Handle Drifter today...she's gorgeous and I am officially in love! I actually think I have found the perfect handbag for me :smile:IMG_6107.jpg
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  2. Wow, beautiful bag and ever so beautiful cat!
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  3. Thank you and congratulations on your new bag! My kitty is an Abyssinian. Every time I photograph my bags she had to be right there. I'm in Panama right now for the next few months and I couldn't bring her with me. I miss her so much :sad:
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  4. Congratulations It's gorgeous!
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  5. Oh my gosh I am eyeing this one! Can you please post mod shots?
  6. Does anyone have a drifter crossbody in the black with black hardware?
  7. I picked this up at the outlet. I live everything about it but once I loaded it, it was heavy. I do t carry a lot. Have any of you felt it was heavy?
  8. Oops. Here's the pic

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  9. They had black wildflower drifters at the outlet today for 20% plus 50% off (and even more off if you received the tiered outlet coupon).

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  10. Does the crocodile embossed area feel hard Vs softer?