1. Congrats! I hope you like it. I have the same bag. It is bigger than the Swagger 27.
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  2. It is big!!! Really beautiful though so I think I will keep and find a good use for her :biggrin:
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  3. SEWDimples, do you use any bag charms with it? I'm considering it now that I know the hardware isn't the shiny gold. I think it will be a timeless bag and I love how ladylike it is.
  4. I don't own any charms but I have been looking! I also have been looking at silk twillys because I like the idea of adding a pop of color to a neutral bag (I have the matte black swagger as well which would be fun to change up with color)
  5. I just think the bag needs something to give it a little pizazz. I love how bag charms can bring things from drab to fab! I wonder how this bag strap would look with it or if they are similar in color? I have a wallet like this so maybe will order the bag and compare. The color of the strap is called stone but the bag is grey birch....not sure if they will coordinate. I don't remember seeing the strap at retail but see this on some of the major retailer sites like Nordstrom.
    Stone TR Strap.png
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  6. From the picture the stone looks a bit more beige/brown toned than the grey birch but hard to tell for certain. Like you said- the bag is neutral so lots of options to play with charms, straps, scarves etc. If you decide to go for it share a picture!
    Honestly, I have been looking at charms since I bought the swagger in November but I'm having a hard time accepting the steep price of the charms.
    I almost bought the black leather coach embellished "C" charm from the FOS because it was under 25 dollars but after binging the last few months on coach my husband is starting to question my sanity so I stopped myself haha!
  7. Yes, I have tried a few. This is it with a Coach outlet bag charm.

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  8. A pop of spring! Lovely! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Does 6pm still show the same price you paid? I checked it this morning and it is $199.99 as it was yesterday. I know their prices seem to fluctuate sometimes but doubt it will go too much less than this unless the stock is severely low or a coupon comes out.
  10. Yes same price. They definitely change up their pricing regularly. I bought the Bowery for $130 which was steal, and they had the glitter pink version for $199, now the Bowery I bought is listed for $179 and the pink has dropped to $150. I agree though, I can't imagine the drifter dropping much less that it is.
    I was temped by the coral saddle bag as well for a summer pop of color but I'm trying to be good!
  11. I had to check it out! The coral saddle is a nice price and 71% off! I don't remember seeing this color in the store. Maybe it was a retailer bag (Macy's, Dillards)?
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