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    There is a thread in the Celine subforum that is devoted to Celine bags and guys. I thought that maybe we could start one on the Dior subforum as well. This could include anything from the Dior couture collections to the Dior Homme collections.

    To kick start this thread, here are some pictures from the current Dior Homme collection and the new Spring 2013 collection (the briefcase and tote bag in army green crocodile are out of this world!):
    Dior-Homme-Pre-Collection-SS2013-collection-16.jpgDior Homme crocodile briefcase.jpgba560437-4ff6-4822-8af5-f33d5913fab9_ipad_overview.pngdior-bag-635.jpgDiorHomme.jpgdior-homme-exotic-skin-crocodile-bags-2.jpg
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  2. These inside-out bags are pretty neat!
    Dior Homme 2012 bags.jpg
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  3. More bags, from the SS 2012 collection. Some of these pieces are still available in Dior Homme boutiques.
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  4. The beautiful army green crocodile tote (top) is also available in calfskin (bottom) at a much more affordable price:
    img-thing.jpgimg-thing 2.jpg
  5. The croc is beautiful, though! Mmm... croc.
  6. I agree. It's nice to see exotic skins being used on men's bags as well.
  7. i love the first two bags the men are holding!!!!!
  8. Woo crocs skin nice
  9. I love big man bags because they are stylish but sometimes they get too big that they become impractical to carry but the crocs are delicious and Dior Homme is perfect for the gentlemen.
  10. Big bags are usually more masculine, whereas when they make a men's bag small, sometimes it ends up looking like a purse. Yes, they are impractical (some of my bigger bags are laregely empty when I travel with them), but I really like how they have a masculine appeal.
  11. Here are just some pictures of Dior Homme bags from past seasons. There are so many bags from these pictures that I would love to get my hands on.
  12. More bags to drool over. Dior Homme has this really modern and cool aesthetic that is really appealing.
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    While browsing through the Celine, for the boys thread, I noticed that one of our TPF members Ruktam has some amazing fashion photos, and I took a peek. WOW! There are some amazing shots with Dior bags! I hope that he doesn't mind me sharing.

    @ruktam_jin with his Diorissimo bag (you can see the large off-white Dior Detective bag in the background of the first photo)
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    @ruktam_jin with his Miss Dior bag with the cross-body chain.
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    @ruktam_jin with his medium Dior Granville in Mink Grey and also in Black