1. This is a great new bag from Coach so thought I'd get a clubhouse going for it.
    Will post photos of mine, and look forward to seeing your Edie(s).
  2. Mini studded Edie in small black.


    Showing opened up.

  3. This is the large mini studded Edie in the oxblood color.

  4. Together to show the size difference.


  5. Yay! Thanks for starting this thread.

    Here's my brown signature/black leather Edie (added the tassel myself):
  6. This new bag is very similar to the Phoebe. It's a little wider in length and width so it will hold more.
    Comparison shot of the large Edie and the large Phoebe.


  7. Small Edie and small Phoebe. again Edie is a little roomier but pretty much the same size.

  8. Great color combination in this Edie. Is the back signature also?
  9. It is - the front and back panels are signature, and then the rest of the bag is the black leather. Really lightweight and comfy to carry.
  10. I saw the Violet Edie today it is beautiful fabulous color .

  11. Looks fantastic with that tassel, very pretty!

  12. Thank you! Almost seems like it was made for the bag. :smile: