1. Hi everyone. I am starting this thread for those of us who love key pouches. Please feel free to share any questions, reveals, reviews, and thoughts on key pouches here.

    Personally, key pouches have become my favorite SLG! I find them indispensable for protecting my wallets, bags, and electronics from scratches. Since adopting the key pouch as a staple accessory, I find I no longer find holes in my coat pockets. I also value the way key pouches silence the jingling noise created by lose keys. Why do you love key pouches or cases?
  2. I would also like to share the key pouch that is currently tempting me: https://www.marcjacobs.com/gotham-leather-key-pouch/889732482120.html

    My only hesitations are the size and the key ring. From the dimensions on the site, this key pouch is certainly on the bigger end for a key pouch. I also wish that Marc Jacobs would have used the belay hook style key ring that he uses on other items like his bag charms. In comparison to the high end designers such as LV and Gucci, the standard key ring feels a little cheap.

    Does anyone own one of these? How do you find the size?
  3. Great idea for a thread. I would love all LV SLGs but have some MK in light pink that I use. Will post pics soon. I think you would get a lot of use out of the above pouch.
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  4. Awesome idea! I have been wanting a LV one for more than a year now, but for now am also stuck to my light pink MK! Key pouch twins? :smile:
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  5. Thanks for your participation. I look forward to your future reveals! The Marc Jacobs pouch arrived at my sister's house in Toronto (since MJ doesn't ship to my home province of Québec). I will post a reveal when I visit in the next couple of weeks. Her impression of it when she opened the package to make sure that it was the right item was that it is super nice.
  6. I have this key pouch! Mine is in the color "nightshade." I really like it. I haven't owned any other key pouches to compare it to but I don't think the size is too large; it's quite slim and it fits my car keys perfectly, along with some extra keys as well :smile: I wish that it had a hook/clasp instead of a key ring, but the chain is really nice and heavy, so it doesn't feel cheap at all. It also fits some cards and cash as well which is a plus for me so I can grab it and go. I hope you end up liking yours!
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  7. Any pics ? :smile:
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  8. This thread is great and should keep going!
    I’m looking for a key pouch at the moment and can’t decide on any :sad:
    Thinking maybe LV, it’s reasonably priced...Any recommendations?
  9. IMG_5726.jpg

    Here is a photo of my collection, which accurately depicts the severity of my obsession!

    I really like the LV Pochette Clès. It’s prized feature for me is its leather lining compared to other designers, which most often have a textile interior.
  10. Omg I love this thread! My collection is tiny as I only have a card holder and mini pouchette from LV! But I just ordered the 6 key holder from LV! SLGs make my heart sing ️
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