1. Can someone post pictures of their metallic isabelle? Gunmetal or Bronze, doesn't matter. Also, how has she held up? Any peeling or chipping? Thanks! !
  2. You are welcome! I completely understand where you are coming from. I am very gentle with my handbags but if they didn't hold up well it would bother me.
  3. Anyone know what color the lining is on gunmetal isabelle? I've found a few pics but none of the interior. Thanks! !
  4. hi
    I am thinking of getting one isabelle.I dont have a lot of bags .Only a couple.So If I carry this bag for 6 months as everyday bag,would the straps hold?They seem to be thin.I carry a bit more things.So it tends to have more stuff inside
  5. For me, Isabelle is one of the most comfortable bags I've owned. The strap isn't thin & it sits nicely on the shoulder. The leather is really nice & it holds a lot. It's my no fuss bag.

  6. Thanks
  7. I am in the club. I have black with silver. Can not wait for my next one.

  8. Gorgeous! I got citron from FOS back in 2013 but have yet to use it!!
  9. Awesome find. I've been using my Persimmon one non-stop for 2 weeks

  10. I finally used mine last weekend for the first time.