1. Is it time?

    I didn't see a club for kisslocks yet (apologies if I'm mistaken, can delete this). There have been some Coach kisslock bags in the past but, since the new collection has an abundance of them, maybe it's time for them to have a dedicated club! I look forward to seeing all your kisslocks (obtained and wished upon) :smile: :drinks:
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  2. IMG_1206.JPG

    Here are my tiny contributions!
  3. Melon/Orange in Kisslock 3820170818_131913.jpeg
  4. Tiny bags; big contribution! So cute
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  5. When I went tonight to look at Rogues. I saw these and they blew my mind
  6. They are cute! Did you get those?
  7. Not yet. But I better think fast. They said not many available. Even those belonged to someone.
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  8. Aren't they supposed to go up with the new collection online on september 1st?
  9. Is the rexy carriage one the same as the car one? Would you happen to have the style number?
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    Great idea! Here is a vintage Coach contribution for your Kisslock Club. It is a Retro Lindy Bag in Golden Yellow. The style number is 9003 from 1991 and it was made in the United States.
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  11. I love this bag!
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  12. Wow! That's a beauty. Is that one of yours? Did you restore it? I picture you going into your Coach archives and pulling out a pristine kisslock while wearing white bag-handling gloves :giggle: This new collection has such a vintage feel (at least to me it seems what they're going for) with a modern revival. I love seeing an actual vintage bag, and actually it looks fantastic.
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    Thanks! Yes, it's one of my rehab projects but no white gloves! I picked it up at the Savers Thrift Store for $28 but it was in good condition and didn't need much work.
  14. This is gorgeous! I had to wipe the drool from my mouth. LOL
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  15. Cars on one side. Rexy pulling carriage on the other. I don't think they'll be in a store according to my SA. They are almost all gone.