1. I'm wondering if anyone has bought a nickel free belt and where from. My friend has a nickel allergy and we've not had luck finding a belt for him.

    Most stores seem to not know what materials the belt buckle contains.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. I hope it works for you! It's so hard to deal with this issue.

    I wish manufacturers could provide this information to the stores. It's taken so long to find a store that was well informed of their product (this includes a lot of high end stores where you would expect a higher product knowledge).
  3. Reviving a dead thread - but does anyone know which designer belts are nickel free? Like Burberry, LV, Gucci, etc? I have a Tory Burch belt that I love but it gives me such terrible allergies even if I paint the buckle with clear nail polish.
  4. Did you get any luck on this topic?
    I am having the same problem and some times not even the makers know the answer.
    I also wrote to MontBlanc without getting any response.