1. Dear tPFs! I intend to purchase a medium Lady Dior bag in the next few months. I would like to know your opinions about the Small and Medium sizes. And also how well do patent and lambskin leathers hold?
    Here is a bit of information on the intended use and myself:
    - I am 5'1, would wear it handheld, on the shoulder and cross-body
    - I carry a glasses case with me, sometimes 2 when it is to bring both, regular and sunglasses. This is an argument in favour of the M and against the S sizes.
    - The bag would be used very often, at least 3-4 times per week. I would like to have a LD to dress up or down, such as on travels, restaurants, and weekend activities. Also, it would be with me at everyday settings like errands, going to the office, and later for drinks after work.
    - It is a very chic bag, and I like it on pictures a lot. How is the cross-body use? Is it bulky on anyone?
    - How much does it fit?
    For now, my choice relies on a Medium, because I feel that I the glasses case needs to fit. My concern is also on the leather. For now I am settled on black or navy blue patent with gold hardware, because it looks so unique. I am afraid of lambskin, because it could lose its shape, and the leather could become softer and thinner over time. Please share your experiences!
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  2. The structured Lady Dior comes in grained calfskin too. I actually recommend calfskin unless you prefer the look of lambskin. Of the three materials, I prefer patent the least.

    Below are two grained calfskin versions new for Pre-Fall 2018 that @TraceySH shared.

    Here's another one shared by @shoesshoeshoes which comes in medium as well with the traditional zip-top closure:
    I'm not sure if it comes in navy with GHW as you preferred, but calfskin sounds to be the way to go if you will be using this bag often.

    The medium is the size to go for if you need to fit a large sunglasses case.
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  3. This one is sturdy as all get out, I have loved using it!! Dior is making these amazing metallics that are a bit muted. They are fabulous neutrals IMHO.
  4. I’d avoid patent because its super high maintenant. Either lamb or calf will be fine.
    There are alot of threads on here discussing the same topic, I’d suggest you browse around abit to see what others have said.
  5. I believe the patent is an issue in humid climates so it would depend on where Antschulina lives. I live in a dry climate and patent is not an issue.
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  6. True that humid makes it worse but patent is more sensitive to sunlight and colour transfer compared to others irregardless of climates.
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  7. Thank you so much for this information! I wasn’t informed about calfskin. But it will be my top choice and I will try to find one in navy or black!
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  8. This bag is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
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  9. Thank you, I will browse around a bit!
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  10. Thanks, yes it might be an issue, as I live in a cold climate now, but will move eventually to a warmer climate in couple years!
    Thanks for your help!
  11. Oh wow! Thanks for the info! I am not really familiar with patent yet. This helps me a lot to make my decision! Thanks!
  12. Averagejoe,
    Did you mean that there is a grained calfskin medium version with a zipped top? Or did I misinterpret? I have been hoping I could get gained calfskin but I prefer zipper to the flap...so very curious.
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  13. Yep you understood him right. Theres a grained version with the zip :smile:
  14. Oh so good to know. Thanks. Shoesshoeshsoes...do you know what colors that comes in. I must look into this
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  15. Ive seen black and that copper colour averagejoe posted above in person. Havent seen any others irl. Perhaps give Dior CS an email? They’re really really helpful.
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