1. After some decision making on colours and patterns I finally decided to pick this cutie :smile: :heart: I think it will be very versatile.IMG_9951a.jpg IMG_9965a.jpg IMG_9973a.jpg IMG_9978a 2.jpg IMG_9980a 2.jpg IMG_9982a.jpg
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  2. I really like this Alphabet collection, beautiful patterns... on the other hand, the new spring-summer line is not really my cup of tea, a little too vibrant :smile: IMG_9999a.jpg
  3. Very pretty! Congratulations!

    I love the packaging as well.
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  4. Thank you! :smile: Yes, I love the Dior-perfumed packaging, I think this time they used Dior Addict.

    Some more pictures taken while shopping... I'm thinking of getting the card holder next... I was in a hurry and didn't have time to decide on the colour this time :smile: IMG_9730a.jpg IMG_9733a.jpg IMG_9737a.jpg
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  5. I love what you chose. The colors are beautiful!
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  6. The pink is very pretty! May show dirt easily though, but it is prettiest of the three.
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