1. Hi,

    what would be the perfect pair of sunglasses for a small face?

    I love the butterfly ones from M Jacobs, not sure if they fit. Same with the aviator.
  2. It is crucial that the glasses are not too big , imo
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  3. I have a small face and I find that the smaller Rayban warfarer shape fits me best. Give them a try!
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  4. i like the victoria beckham petite aviator and rayban small aviator.
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  5. I like Ray Ban Cockpit in the small size, I have a little face as well. A few Chanels each year work for me as well, and I have 1 paid of Tom Fords I love.
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  6. Let's go for Ray Ban then. Thank you ladies for your advice !!!
  7. Indeed very nice !!! Thanks a lot !!! I wouldn't have thought about it.
  8. Rayban aviators in the 55mm are perfect for a small face. I have major trouble finding sunglasses that don't cover half my face lol and the rayban aviators fit the bill! I have two pairs and I love them.
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  9. I love Armani ! He makes smaller ,very feminine sunnies
    Rayban does not suit me
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  10. Ray ban as well. i have been able to find a few from burberry and dior but those were just by chance.
  11. Yeah usually Dior and Chanel make too big for me. So I don't even try to look at what they do anymore: always disappointed.
    Burberry used to make small ...
  12. Prada 01os is pretty small and tasteful. Kate Spade is what we always recommended ladies with small faces try when I was in sunglasses sales.