1. Show us all your tea rose items!

    Here are the two I have so far with more coming during the pce.
  2. Here is mine. I exchanged the rexy tote for this beauty.
  3. I missed the pink and black Tea Rose Rogue, so I was very happy to even be able to get a few pink tea roses on this Dinky at Coach House:

    Customized Dinky.jpg

    I still hope to get the Rogue someday - it would help if I wasn't so concerned about buying a fake from eBay.
  4. IMG_3569.JPG

    Here is my customized clutch. Tea Roses are my favorites!
  5. Here's my collection.



  6. OMG LOVE! Is it the size 25?
  7. Thanks :smile:, no, it's the regular size
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  8. Rogue 2.JPG

    Here's mine. I also really want to get this in the melon tea rose but would that be too many tea rose Rogue 25 bags? The regular sized Rogue is too big for me!
  9. Beautiful bags!

    I only have 2 items, the Grey Birch Willow Floral Nomad 55343 DK C2J and the Grey Birch Willow Floral Fob/Charm 56721 BK C2J


  10. My wee cutie
  11. @SEWDimples are twins on the wild tea rose clutch so I won't post it again, but I'll add my tooled tea rose bandit.

  12. I love tea roses! Here are my contributions:
    Pink/Black Clutch, Black/Blue Saddle 23, Nude Dinky
    Patchwork Swagger & 2 Tea Rose Keychains!IMG_1504832766.113520.jpg
  13. I said that I only have 2 tea rose items but I forgot that I have another one, the Tea Rose Pearl Ring Set 90992 SV/GD.



  14. I like tea roses very much. Here is my favorite wallet.
  15. And tea rose rogue is next on my wishlist, very hard to choose color :smile: