1. IMG_3656.jpg
    Some of the flowers are slightly metallic, but not as “bright” as the metallic on the strap and clutch.
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  2. Another pic
  3. Gorgeous!! I need that strap! Trying so hard to not order the rogue lol
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  4. Thanks! I didn’t NEED the rogue, but a fabulous TPFer shared a F&F code with me and I couldn’t resist . Is this strap sold out?!
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  5. Same here, the extra 20% made me go a bit crazy lol
    Strap isn't online, need to see if my SA can find me one.
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  6. Can you share the style # for the grey trap with tea rose. I would like it for a few if my bags.
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  7. I haven't found style # yet, few tpfers have it though. @Sarah03 do you have it?
  8. 22887
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  9. Thanks!!
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  10. I noticed that we have similar taste!!! I’m in love with them, especially my Bandits. They are just so easy to carry...:love:
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  11. Is the 20% off still on?
  12. Not that I know of. I think that ended Monday.
  13. So, some customers get a code that works to get an extra percentage off the sale prices?
  14. Yes. It was a special promotion with only so many codes to go around. The last day to use the code was Monday so it is over.
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