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Now I believe shopping online again. You and your staff made our dreams come true!
- Kristie Hoang, Germany, 2014-4-10 23:20

It was a very impressing when I received my bags, we are very pleased.
- Benjamin Christensn, Australia, 2014-3-1 9:8

Me and my wife really liked of your bags and service, we will be back soon.
- Barbara Ruiz, United States, 2014-2-2 7:36

Thank you for a great service and quick acting. You made our holiday perfect.
- ADRIANA ANTUNES, Brazil, 2014-2-8 2:38

I like how easy it is to get my questions answered by your Customer Service team.
- Kristie Hoang, France, 2014-1-23 23:24

This was the first time I have used live chat. I was impressed by the speed of the response and the instant resolution by the customer service representative. Thanks for your great customer service!
- angelina setiadi, United States, 2013-12-17 9:44

Everything is excellent in my many transactions with Pandora Luxury Bags!
- Ashley Gomez, Germany, 2013-9-9 10:42

I just wanted you to know that I am more than thrilled with my recent purchase from Pandora Luxury Bags. I have purchased a lot of designer handbags, and this transaction is at the very top of my list of good experiences. From your site which is classy and straightforward, to your packaging which is exceptional (I noticed how the plastic the bag was in was neatly trimmed after the knot was tied!), I couldn't be more pleased.
This is how a customer's designer handbag purchase should be handled. And this was only a purchase of $500! I will definitely be purchasing more of my handbags from you.
Thank you so much, and don't change a thing!
- Manolache Ciprian, Australia, 2013-8-1 6:38

I purchased a Women's louis vuitton cultch from Pandora Luxury Bags. I enjoy dealing with Pandora Luxury Bags due to the trustworthiness and the value of the bags and great customer service.
- isabella harris, Kuwait, 2013-6-20 20:28

I always receive great Pandora Luxury Bags Customer Service. I have been happy with all my purchases so far.
- Diana M., Malaysia, 2013-4-2 18:29

Pandora Luxury Bags is truly blessed with bags, attentive, and very professional Customer Care representatives. They always give "above and beyond" service and should be acknowledged as such.
- glenda harvey, United States, 2013-3-24 11:18

I saw the pictures you took. They're impeccable.
Thanks, hope we can get it soon.
- sophia deftereou, Singapore, 2013-2-10 18:36

I recived three larges boxes from you today. They have 31 items in total. Mostly bags and only one item of jewelry - the inside out earrings. They are placed inside the Jimmy Choo clutch bag.
- Olivia Rock, United States, 2012-12-10 19:51

Oh Wow! That sold so fast! I didn't even see it!
As always, thanks so much for all your help and quick responses!
- ann everaert, United Kingdom, 2012-11-1 19:44

I received three larges boxes from you today. They have 42 items in total. Some Cartier, most bags including the Birkins - inside are watches.
I thank your staff for your continued wonderful work and making it so secure and simple!
- sam michael, United States, 2012-10-2 23:23

You processed and express shipped my Chanel Jumbo Bag from HongKong to my home in Seattle in less than 2 days!!! How did you do that!? I guess Boeing 747's fly faster than Simi Trucks!
- morgan thomas, Germany, 2012-9-16 21:11

Dear Pandora Luxury Bags
It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I'm waiting the other bag buy from you.
- Princess Reyes, Australia, 2012-8-30 4:48

Pandora Luxury Bags is a strong platform that provides various of A list luxury goods therefore gathers the A list of customers and sellers.
That's why I choose Pandora Luxury Bags to be the place to buy my collections. Thank you Pandora Luxury Bags!
- Anh Le, Canada, 2012-7-24 0:01

The team at Pandora Luxury Bags are true professionals. Not only do they have one of the most prolific collections of Birkins, they are always prompt in response, fair in their prices, and often offer honest and tasteful advice when appropriate.
A sheer delight to work with!
- elisabeth theyse, United States, 2012-6-3 11:28

I have truly enjoyed utilising the services of Pandora Luxury Bags to rotate my handbag inventory. They have used awesome photography, and obtained prices lower than I expected. Pandora Luxury Bags is professional and courteous. I particularly appreciate the knowledge that I can count on them for designer handbags when I purchase. Their inventory is accurately described and depicted. I have never been disappointed.
- camille williams, United Kingdom, 2012-4-30 20:30

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