1934 : Prolonged stress, and many missed meals, compound the effects of tuberculosis, with which he was earlier diagnosed. Friends come to his aid, pooling their francs to send him south to Font-Romeu to recuperate. Later, in the Balearic Islands, learns the arts of embroidery and tapestry-weaving.

1967 : Dior dresses Farah Diba and her ladies-in-waiting for the coronation ceremony. Serge Lutens appointed artistic director of Dior Makeup; he will hold the post for the next twelve years. September: Miss Dior ready-to-wear line debuts at the opening of a Paris boutique by the same name. The collection-which includes coats, jewelry, handbags, gloves, belts, and shoes-is designed by Bohan's assistant, Philippe Guibourg茅. November: Baby Dior childrenswear line launched. "The Dior Empire Expands!" trumpets Le Figaro. Elizabeth Taylor orders a tiny overcoat for her daughter.

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