In the eighties and nineties, whenever Mellon needed a special heel, she called on an unassuming cobbler who worked from a small garage in London's East End. His name was Jimmy Choo. It was no doubt due, in part, to his low profile that Choo had assembled a stable of high-profile devotees: Diana, Princess of Wales was among the well-known and well-shod customers who prized his traditional skills as well as his discretion. After Mellon left British Pandora Luxurye in 1995, her first step was to forge a collaboration with her favorite shoemaker. Together, they launched the Jimmy Choo label, and, almost immediately, the little company stood tall in the sea of stilettos.

2008 : The company wins three big awards: British Fashion Council's Designer Brand of the Year, the Accessories Council's Brand of the Year, and Footwear News's Brand of the Year.

jimmy choo