By 2007, Miu Miu's annual sales of womenswear had risen to $297 million, and as it grew in moneymaking might so it grew in sophistication. The stand-out fall 2009 collection-notable for bare backs, fur tippets, and exposed bras-was a study in soign茅 sensuality that said "I am woman, with no need to roar."

1996 : April: Before opening the new Miu Miu boutique in SoHo, Patrizio Bertelli-Miucci Prada's husband and the Prada S.p.A. company's CEO-smashes a mirror in the store, later recalling, "It made people look too fat." October: WWD, previewing Baz Luhrmann's movie update of Romeo and Juliet, reports, "These battling Montagues and Capulets are so hip and streetwise, they go to love and war in Prada, Miu Miu, and D&G."

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