2010 : February: Massimiliano Giornetti makes his womenswear debut. Greta Garbo costume and shoe exhibit opens at La Triennale di Milano design museum in Milan. April: Shanghai flagship opens. July: Giornetti named creative director of all product lines. Attimo fragrance debuts. Fall: W handbag, a classic originally created for Wanda Ferragamo in the seventies, reissued. September: My Ferragamo shoe line debuts. October: Ferragamo World eco-fashion line of shoes launched. December: The Red Carpet Project allows customers to create their own shoes.

Entering the years of Christian Dior's feminine New Look, Ferragamo's celebrity client roster was as long as his order book. His famous fit drew even the elusive Greta Garbo out to Ferragamo headquarters: Arriving at the Palazzo Spini Feroni in worn espadrilles, Garbo announced, "I have no shoes. I want to walk." Ferragamo rose to the call, whipping up 70 custom, low-heeled pairs, which she carried home in specially designed Louis Vuitton shoe-luggage. In the fifties, Ferragamo's suede glove鈥揳rched pumps graced many a silkened heel, including Sophia Loren's.