Spiritual Classes

Inner Journey’s Focus is a Teaching Chapter, offering certified classes to students who are interested in learning how to ” Change your thinking, Change your life.”

Our intention is that students experience the following:

1. SPIRITUALITY: We model the practice of universal principles expressed by Ernest Holmes in his statement “What We Believe.” That is, we look beyond materiality and invite ourselves and our students into demonstrating an openness to the Unseen, as The Presence is everseeking to express itself in new ways in our daily lives.

2. LOVE: We allow the blessings of Spirit to flow through us and as us so students have an opportunity to discover they are welcome, appreciated, valued, heard, understood, respected, guided, responded to, and validated for the variety of ways which they express.

3. INTEGRITY: We honor our spiritual beliefs and are fair in our actions. Students have the opportunity to see consistency between what we say and do. We refrain from any romantic or sexual relationship with our students. Students experience the sacredness of the trust they place in the teacher.

4. CARING: We are concerned about, have affection for, and make a conscientious effort to ensure each student has the best learning experience.

5. COMPASSION: In all we say and do, we express kindheartedness and generosity toward all. Teachers should be consciously aware of the impact of their words and actions on others’ wellbeing. This is demonstrated in how assignments are recommended, the way students receive feedback and the nature of dialogue and discussion.

6. ACCOUNTABILITY: We are conscientious in fulfilling all course and education program agreements with Centers for Spiritual Living and with the students. We enthusiastically seek opportunities to report to CSL all that is requested, to explain students’ responsibilities and to fulfill students’ expectations as identified in course descriptions.

7. TEAMWORK: We encourage students to learn and work together in harmony. At times students are in positions where they follow, lead, engage in consensus and have the opportunity for individual choices.

8. OPEN COMMUNICATION: We create opportunities for teachers and students to express their own thoughts and hear others’ authentic thoughts and points of view. Students and teachers discuss, dialogue and explore meanings behind points of view and feelings expressed.

9. CONFIDENTIALITY: Students experience a safe environment where confidentiality around individual sharing is agreed upon by all.

10. EDUCATION: We recognize the unique needs of adult learners. Our students have opportunities to reason, discern, acquire knowledge, intuit, contemplate and prepare to live as spiritually mature and enlightened individuals. They have opportunities to discover, think, talk, observe and create. They are provided ways to practically apply universal principles and sacred stories to their personal circumstances and to contemporary issues.

11. COMMUNITY SERVICE: We create opportunities for students to discover their internal motivations, spontaneous expressions, and spiritual commitment as they anchor their spiritual growth through sacred service in the local and global community.